Airsync empresa líder en procesamiento de UAV en México se une con la empresa mas grande del mundo

Government Sector

Constant map updates
Maintenance monitoring of archaeological of archaeological sites
State and federal inspection and surveillance

Agriculture Sector

Plant stress monitoring
Growth, crop status, pests
Droughts, irrigation optimization
Fumigation strategies and automation

Real Estate

We can make flights of your properties to detect invasions, settlements, illegal logging and other problems associated with the possession of this type of assets.

Mining Sector

Loss control and prevention of clandestine material trafficking
Operations planning
Production volume calculation

Contingencies Sector

Correct action for natural disasters
Insurance damage assessment


Having control of the progress of a work is essential in large-scale projects, with our work monitoring service you have the ability to measure the weekly progress of your project and thus avoid delays in the program and therefore, monetary losses.

Renewable energy

Using our state-of-the-art technology we perform inspections of your solar plant to detect problems in panels, inverters and cabling. We do an accurate analysis and can identify faults such as: Hotspots, string failures, diode failures, shading, soiling and much more.

Advantage of working with Drones


Analysis and Qualified Team

AirSync is not only data capture, AirSync is a comprehensive service specialized in the study of information.


Shorter time

Fewer operators, lower transportation and training costs. A UAV complements and optimizes human labor.


Risk reduction

With no people involved in the work, the likelihood of accidents is completely reduced.


Lower cost

The sum of the above factors results in significant savings in operating expenses.


Higher image quality

Capture of images with a resolution up to 15 times higher than satellite images.


Periodicity available

No long waits in the generation of new maps and data, when required by the client.

Our Partners

We work with the leading brands in the market to ensure the quality of our services.




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